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I wondered, ‘what in the world are we are thinking‘. And wished I wasn’t part of the we. But if I haven’t made a strong voice against, then I am still in the main stream, am I not? Flowing deeper and deeper down, matching all the other drops around me.

Broken systems need to be fixed. And not just because they take too many tax dollars (though I’ve been guilty of using that to help motivate the masses before). Broken systems don’t need to be fixed once an easy solution is available or just because we are finally personally affected. They don’t need to be fixed because of any political movement.

They need to be fixed because lives, human lives, depend on it. I spend a fair amount of time in jail and I see people both come and go and come again and go again. I see those incarcerated, the corrections officers, volunteers and the visitors. A while back I saw a toddler hiding under the chairs in the main waiting room refusing to leave after visiting his Mama. No child should wish for jail. But that is what we have taught him as a society to do. Once a week, for one hour he gets to visit his Mom. When the car he is in drives past the jail on other outings he will scream for her. He loves her. He sees her face first, and not her crime. He remembers something so many of us have forgotten. She is a person. She is valuable. She is worth loving and she is loved. oscar-courage

I challenge you to remember today that no person is a number. No person is just bad. People do bad things. People make mistakes. People act out in their pain. Some get caught. Some get labeled. Some get forgotten. That needs to change. All people should be loved. “It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all of its tainted glory, and still to love it.”  – Oscar Wilde


Ending a life is a really big deal. But it’s also a question a lot of people consider. Probably more than you’d expect. Has it ever been so bad you thought you’d end it all? People consider this question for so many different reasons. Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to ask people if they are okay? And follow up? Have you told someone lately that they are valuable…not for what they’ve accomplished, but because they are a human being? Someone around you probably needs to hear that truth today.

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Just yesterday I sat and heard, “I always had something in reach to end it all if the cops ever came back for me. It would just be easier on everyone. It’d be less pain on my family to mourn my death than for me to keep going back to jail,” she told me as tears flowed down her cheeks. She had made a plan, her close friends knew about the plan, and she intended to complete it when the time came. She told me that she always knew where there was a knife or enough pills to overdose. I’m so thankful they caught her off guard. She has so much life yet to live.

This girl realizes that she isn’t in control of her own life. She believes that God saved her from herself the day she was arrested, and she is asking questions about what it means for God to save her from sin. She asked me to pray for, “strength and endurance to get through this”. For her and her brother (who is also in jail). And, “For us to learn and get better.” I love when people want to get better. It’s a visible change when people want to get out vs want to get better. Please pray for my new friend. There is a long road of recovery in front of her, but I believe with Jesus help, she can overcome.