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You know that feeling when you finally see the ones you love…that’s what I was feeling here. =) Reuniting with the whole family is always the sweetest thing.


We set out to catch up on things we missed and had the most lovely Christmas and celebration of Luka’s birthday.


If you didn’t know it before, you should now know, that I have the coolest brother in the world!


A couple days after “Christmas” we headed off to Oman to have a new adventure together, and we were wowed by everything we saw. The land, the people, the mosques and forts…


Wandering and exploring the wadis was probably all of our favorite activity. Climbing, swimming, adventuring…


We got to visit this gorgeous Grand Mosque


And though you can’t see it, we are standing on the second largest carpet in the world.


Wandering around this old fort was an incredible adventure too!


Even our downtime was spent taking over the world…


To the ones who taught me to adventure,


And the ones who have never let me adventure alone.


It was an incredible trip and I can’t wait for the next one!


So this past weekend I went on an adventure. I drove to Michigan and back. That was about 18 hours in the car. By myself. It gets a little lonely after a while (I’m driving to MI again in June – if anyone wants to be a road trip buddy let me know!). 

But anyway, I was trying to think of things to entertain me as I went. I played a road kill game with myself. The deer won in Michigan, but the raccoons won in Ohio and I didn’t play in PA so I guess it was not that exciting. I listened to part of a book on tape, but partway through realized somehow I didn’t have the whole thing because it wasn’t making any sense, was super short, and then ended. I listened to lots of music and 1st and 2nd Chronicles on tape. I looked at the other drivers on the road and the stats showed that there were more men traveling than women. I took note of the license plates from other states. I called a bunch of people. I prayed a lot. I thought about how to keep doing fund raising and if it would indeed be possible to find 25 people to support me $25 a month this month. But eventually I was just bored. 

I decided that what I really wanted to do in that moment was read my novel. I thought about how simple it could be. The road was mostly straight. My car has cruise control. I could just hold my book on the steering wheel. BUT I DIDN’T! Don’t even start to stress. Instead I called my sister and told her I was so bored I wanted to read my book and she told me, “Don’t you dare!” 

So if you are ever contemplating reading while driving my advice to you is this: don’t tell your sister. But better yet…just find a road trip buddy instead.