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I wondered, ‘what in the world are we are thinking‘. And wished I wasn’t part of the we. But if I haven’t made a strong voice against, then I am still in the main stream, am I not? Flowing deeper and deeper down, matching all the other drops around me.

Broken systems need to be fixed. And not just because they take too many tax dollars (though I’ve been guilty of using that to help motivate the masses before). Broken systems don’t need to be fixed once an easy solution is available or just because we are finally personally affected. They don’t need to be fixed because of any political movement.

They need to be fixed because lives, human lives, depend on it. I spend a fair amount of time in jail and I see people both come and go and come again and go again. I see those incarcerated, the corrections officers, volunteers and the visitors. A while back I saw a toddler hiding under the chairs in the main waiting room refusing to leave after visiting his Mama. No child should wish for jail. But that is what we have taught him as a society to do. Once a week, for one hour he gets to visit his Mom. When the car he is in drives past the jail on other outings he will scream for her. He loves her. He sees her face first, and not her crime. He remembers something so many of us have forgotten. She is a person. She is valuable. She is worth loving and she is loved. oscar-courage

I challenge you to remember today that no person is a number. No person is just bad. People do bad things. People make mistakes. People act out in their pain. Some get caught. Some get labeled. Some get forgotten. That needs to change. All people should be loved. “It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all of its tainted glory, and still to love it.”  – Oscar Wilde


We don’t know when we will get to the end of our lives. It’s like running a race with a hidden finish line. And the finish line is in a different place for everyone. This past weekend I’ve been thinking, when I cross the finish line will people rejoice for me? Will people be proud? Or will it be devastating? A “wasted life”? Without being morbid or making people afraid that I’m suicidal, can I tell you what I dream of? May I share some of the dreams I have for when I’m gone?

This weekend my pastor asked us how we would describe our lives in 6 words. I’m wordy. This was hard. But it got me thinking. I believe that when I die my life will be fully lived. If I died today I would consider my life fully lived. I wouldn’t think I missed out. I would wish I could say with my six words, “I made it to the end,” or “the end is just the beginning”. It’s not that I don’t have huge dreams that will take decades to complete (I’d love to marry a wonderful man, raise beautiful children, travel much more of the world, etc), but the real dream of my heart is to follow God. The rest is extra. So if I follow God today and die, then I’ve completed my dreams and goals. My life will have been complete. Not lacking anything. I would hope when I die these six words are true of my life: “She obeyed God’s call to love”. They are words that bring a challenge everyday. They push me to live better, love more, seek out the hurting, forgive those who hurt me. Yesterday I was reading Francis Chan’s ‘Multiply’ and in talking about the disciples he says, “What began as simple obedience to the call of Jesus ended up changing their lives, and ultimately, the world”. I want to be so willing to obey that even if it’s life changing or world changing…which is scary…I will keep obeying. As of today, I’m not sure what six words would describe my life. How would you describe me in six words? Or make it personal, how would you describe your own life in six words? “Adventurous traveler, compassionate friend, so loved” might be me in six.

I think birthdays are wonderful things! I made sure the world, or at least central PA, was quite aware that my birthday was approaching by reminding people at least 1 month in advance. I was celebrated well with a family dinner of rice and curry the night before my B-day and brownies and presents, a candle in a cookie from friends at midnight to bring my day in, a brownie for breakfast and a visit from a friend, Bible study with my homeless friends where I was given ice cream and sung to, coffee and presents with friends, a tea party with my littles (without tea, but with a mermaid and blues clues costume), bubble tea and good conversation and presents with another friend, gardening in the sunshine with brownies, a Bible study party and treats with lots more friends, and a birthday party the next day with more friends! Not to mention getting to talk to my mom, brother, and sister. An email from my dad. Calls from many friends and relatives. An email from my New Zealand Bible School director. Tons of facebook birthday wishes and texts. And just an all around wonderful time. Why do we only do this once a year? I have gotten lots of advice on how to be 25 and am also compiling a to-do list of things I should do in my 25th year of life…if you’d like to add anything let me know and I’ll put it on the adventure list!

Turning 25 was also the inspiration for May’s support goal. It’s a big one, but I think it’s possible! This month I am trying to find 25 people who are willing to start supporting me $25 a month! Yikes! It’s scary to set a goal so high, but life is an adventure, so this is just part of that! If you would be willing to start supporting me at $25 a month would you please let me know! I would love to keep track this month and see if we can get up to 25 new people! (Or if you’d like to add $25 to what you’re currently giving that would count too!) Thanks in advance to those who will consider giving! Also thanks to those who pray for me and encourage me! I couldn’t do this alone!