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cant-waitHave you ever gotten a note from a friend and it said, “I can’t wait to see you!”? I have. Usually I like them. (I love mail) And sometimes they come in other forms, I got a voicemail the other night that was stating how it had been too long and we needed to get together. While the distance is kind of sad, knowing they are excited to see me makes it overall feel happy.

But today I got a note that said the same, “I can’t wait to see you!” and it made my heart so sad…

Today I got notes from multiple friends who I used to see every week. We went through a lot of emotions together. We cried. We laughed. We planned. We prayed. And I haven’t seen for quite some time. But I saw them again today. You guessed it. Today was a jail day. Sadly they are back on the inside. I loved seeing them. But I wished it was different. I wished I could hug them. I wished we could be creating halloween costumes for their kids. I wished we could go get coffee, go on a hike, see a movie, really anything other than sit in my office and face the question…”can you believe I’m here?”. Ugh. Sigh. Some days it’s hard to see friends. But it’s still worth it.


In Genesis chapter 18 the Lord appeared to Abraham. Abe fed Him some beef and curds and milk and they had a conversation. The Lord inquired about about Abe’s wife Sarah and Abe told Him she was in the tent. The Lord told Abe, that by this time next year Sarah would give birth to a son. Now she was listening in and she didn’t believe Him, so she chuckled to herself. The Lord was not impressed with her disbelief and asked, “Is anything to hard for the Lord?”

I found myself chuckling yesterday. As a friend of mine prayed for the prison ministry that I am trying to get started he prayed for some specific things. One of them was to remove the barriers. Now, it just seems funny when you think about taking the barriers out of jail, because then there wouldn’t be a jail, but what he meant was to remove the barriers keeping me out of the jail. To get access for more volunteers to get in. To allow Jesus more avenues to enter. To open people’s hearts who haven’t been caught to the people who have gotten caught. Lets face it, we all sin. We all deserve punishment. Some have done things that get a bigger reaction. Some that cause more pain. Some that make me feel sick, but they are still human beings created in the image of God. And although they may not know it now, He still has a purpose for their lives!

Pray with me that things keep panning out. That I would keep trusting God. And that I can memorize the 10 pages of acronyms that I just got a copy of so I won’t be so lost in the upcoming meetings!