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Some days just don’t go to plan. That’s good for me, because half the time it seems I lose my planner. (I swear I get more scatter brained as each day goes by!) Today was one of those days where I forgot my planner at home, but it didn’t really matter, because in my job the unexpected doesn’t fit itself into the plan. It calls you to it and makes you think on your feet.

photo-15I don’t remember if I blogged about the time I broke into someone’s house with the police because I was worried she had passed away, only to find out she was napping, but that happened a while back. So knowing I can be over zealous, today’s adventure was different. I was worried again, about the same friend. But I did better research this time and we found out that someone had seen an ambulance at her place. I called the hospital, and explained how I wasn’t family, but that it didn’t matter, because there isn’t local family, so I should count and I got the info I needed.

I went and found her in the ER and sat with her. I’m sure the nurses thought I was crazy cause I just started talking. She was pretty unresponsive…like completely. I tried to shake her awake to visit with me, but gave up and just talked, I pulled up the gospel of John on my phone and read to her. A tech came in and worked hard to try to get some blood, which did finally wake her and she noticed I was there. Though she couldn’t come up with any words while she fought for air through the oxygen machine, her eyes smiled at my corny jokes and random stories. We sat, held hands, and I talked. It wasn’t what I had planned for my day, but I wouldn’t trade it. I know the feeling of having no family around. And I am so thankful for the wonderful friends who have been there for me in times of need again and again. I love that I get to be there for others and call it my job. Thanks for being on the team, and please pray for healing for my friend in this difficult time.

I found out two people died today, and death hurts. To me it seems extra sad that one was homeless and one was the grandfather of my friend in jail.

One was a friend to me.
We weren’t close, but we have spent many hours together.
She was sick, but she wasn’t that old.
She was homeless when I spent a lot of time with her, but she had gotten into a place.
She collapsed on the floor and didn’t make it to the hospital.
She lived a tough life, and she will be missed.

One was a stranger.
I hadn’t met him, but I heard a lot about him.
He’s the pap of one of the girls I meet with in the jail.
He raised her.
She knew he was dying, but she couldn’t go and be with him.
He was fine when she went into jail, she had no idea he’d be gone when she got out.
She couldn’t hug or comfort him, but she did get to talk to him on the phone.

I don’t know what happens now. I don’t know if my homeless friend will get a funeral. I don’t know if my friend in jail will get to attend her Pap’s funeral. There are so many unknowns in life, and even more when you are faced with homelessness or jail. It makes my heart sad. But I know that God has me here and in these people’s lives for a reason. I count it a blessing to get a chance to walk right into people’s mess and live along side them. Hug the people you can today…only God knows how many days we have on earth.

Do you ever try to think back to a time before you knew?

It’s easier to not know.

It’s easier to not care.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to not knowing and so not really having to care.

But it’s too late.

I know.

I know names.

Names of people who right now are sleeping…or maybe pacing outside without a place to stay tonight.

I know.

I know names.

Names of people who are using drugs…wishing they weren’t, but not believing they are strong enough to stop.

I know.

I know names.

Names of my friends.

Friends who think this life is all there is.

Friends who think that if this is all there is maybe it isn’t worth it after all.

Friends who think that somehow they can stop it all from hurting, not working, or crashing in on them again.

I know.

I know The Name.

I know Jesus.

The only One who can fix it all.

He saves.



He fights for us.

He helps us overcome.

He knew the bad things I would do.

He knew the bad things my friends would do.

He knew all of those things before He chose to die in order to save us.

He knows.

He knows the end of the story.

I know I can trust Him.

I know that He is the hope my friends are looking for.

It’s worth it to know after all…so if you know, tell someone else.

They are worth it.

God created them.

He knows them, and wants them to know Him too.

And if you don’t know that…lets chat!