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Dear World,

Thank you for being so nice, sweet and good to me. But please, don’t do any more nice things this month. See, I have a list of 103 thank you cards I need to write, so I simply can’t keep up with anyone else being nice, volunteering, donating money, and just generally doing things to make me so thankful.

thankfulActually, you can still be nice and kind, just be so nice that if your thank you note comes very late…or even not at all…you’ll still be gracious to me. =)

In fact, I’m hoping to provide Christmas presents to up to 400 people who wouldn’t be getting them this year because they are incarcerated. If you’d like to join, please do! You can mail me a check made out to “Calvary Church” with “Prison Ministry” in the memo line to me at 201 Harvest Fields Dr, Boalsburg PA 16827 or give online here and put “Prison Ministry” in the line for who you are supporting. Every bit of your tax deductible gift will go towards buying presents for those incarcerated in the Centre County Correctional Facility. Just $40 would cover the cost of Christmas for one inmate.

So I guess I changed my mind. Don’t stop being nice. Just maybe share your niceness to someone else so they can write you a thank you card. =)

I’m so thankful.
Thankful to have so many reasons to give thanks.
Thankful for Jesus’ redeeming love.
Thankful to know that there are so many people on my team.
Thankful to watch people serve the homeless,
provide for the incarcerated,
and host community movie nights.
Thankful for you.


Nothing Is Impossible…though sometimes it seems that way!

Today I am looking for 20ish more people to commit to support me $25 a month in order to reach my May goal.
A few people to commit to cooking a meal for 10ish people next week.
A few more people to commit to cooking a different meal for 10ish people next week.
About 15 people to commit to cooking a portion of a meal for about 100 people the following week.
50ish local restaurants to commit to making food donations to our local homeless shelter.
A few people to commit to making a meal for 40ish people next month.

I’m not a waitress anymore, but today my job seems to revolve around food, and asking people for help. Sometimes I like to work on something for a while, and then take a break while I work on something else, and bounce around through what needs to be accomplished, but today’s list is: ask for help. Ask people to support your ministry so you can begin working full time. Ask people to cook food. Ask people to donate food. Ask, ask, ask.

Sometimes I feel super needy. Today is one of those times.

But today was also very special, as one of my dear sweet friends at the shelter gave me the craft she made in the picture above. This is the woman who gives the world’s best hugs. She started this project last week at Bible Study, and brought it back for me today. See the three crosses almost hidden in there? While it is no Picasso, it is a piece of art. It was crafted with love and to me it is a treasure. So instead of taking breaks to do other jobs, I pause between asking, glance at this vibrant art, pray for my friend, and thank God for the job He has provided me with. Thanks for being on my team! If you’d like to be one of the 25 please let me know! I could not do this alone!