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I remember talking with my mom about tragedy when I was younger. I remember her explaining how there were words that explained some people living through loss. Like a widow was someone who had lost her husband. An orphan was someone who had lost their parents. But for someone who lost their child, there was no word. There’s no word, because it just should not be. Kids should outlive their parents. Parents shouldn’t have to face that horrific, indescribable feeling of losing a child…

baby in hands open hands 2

…but they do. Sometimes babies die. Sometimes they get taken away. Either way the mother is left childless. Facing a pain so great that the English language doesn’t even have a word for it. Today I met with several women who fall into this category. Today I spent the day in jail. I met with women one on one and listened, encouraged, prayed with and for them. Some asked questions which I tried to answer. Some share stories of bitterness which I tried to understand. Some told me of their children who had been adopted, were in foster care, or their relatives were taking care of them. And one came into my office, sat down, and as she told me how her last visit with her daughter had gone that morning I had to work to hold back the tears. There just aren’t encouraging words to share in that situation. The papers are signed. That sweet baby girl is no longer hers. She still has a daughter. She is still a mother. But someone else is officially and legally her baby’s mother now. That’s good, but it hurts.

I love adoption and I am so thankful for the families that take these sweet littles as their own, but today I want us to stop and to recognize, that although some Mamas make bad choices, they often still love their babies very much. And though they are unable to care for them – from lack of knowledge, struggle with an addiction, or being in an unsafe situation, those babies give them a reason to live and keep fighting. Even the ones who I talk to whose children have already been adopted, and they don’t have contact with them. They want to change their lives for the sake of their children. So if you read this, say a prayer for the Mamas today. Some of them are tired and were up all night with their littles, and others are heartbroken because they no longer have their littles. Maybe they are tired because they were up all night worrying about their sweet littles and wondering who is picking them up when they cry. Either way, the Mamas can use your prayers today.