He Called me ‘Kid’

Posted: March 18, 2018 in Perspective, Uncategorized
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The world lost another person,
That’s common as can be.
More than one hundred-fifty thousand,
Die every day you see. 

But this person was unique,
That’s a word to appease all.
Some say homeless, smelly, weak,
Most likely found on a bar crawl.
When I heard he died I couldn’t speak,
All I could do was bawl.

Who will see me on the street,
And come over to say hi?
Ask ‘how’s it going?’, call me ‘kid’,
Never just pass me by?

The world lost a complainer,
I lost a dear friend.
An old and hardened man,
Versus free hugs up to the end.

The world lost an alcoholic,
I lost my baking’s biggest fan.
Tough and gruff and grumpy,
Or survivor, honest friend.

There were things we disagreed on,
Like how to choose a spouse.
Get him talking about women,
And he could really run his mouth.

But he was also chivalrous,
He’d walk me to my car.
That is before he lost the strength,
To walk even that far.

He was a man who loved his mother,
For her utmost respect he had.
He’ll be replaced here by no other,
Today I just feel sad.


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