Mary, Myanmar & My heart

Posted: March 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Last month I got to go and visit my “family” in Myanmar. It’s funny how we didn’t meet until she was 14 years old, but Mary and I bonded instantly. This sweet girl is a sister to me, no matter what our blood and DNA say. We met last year, and this year she was at the airport to meet me when I flew in even though she gets carsick on the hour plus ride. Sometimes when I’m missing my friends there too much I look through the letters they sent home with me. Let me share a few highlights with you…IMG_8954

“I am very happy because you love me always.” – Mary

“I so very happy I you are cute and very kindful.” – Tamar

“I want to live with always. Time you don’t forget me.” – Priscilla

“I very love you.” – Naomi

“I miss you every day.” – Abisak

Judy summed it up in a drawing…I think it looks like us? Don’t you?

IMG_9796 IMG_8608



Myanmar is just another place in the world. There’s really nothing amazingly exceptional about it. There’s beauty, poverty, power, people, heroes, orphans, but the family at Agape orphanage have grabbed my heart and made Myanmar feel like home. We have memories together from the past two years. They expect me to come back, and I know that someday I will. In the mean time, here’s to these beautiful friends of mine on International Women’s Day.


Shelby // Judy // Mary // Tamar


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