Goodbye Linda, you are missed.

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

I miss you, Linda.
I miss your quirky.
I miss your innocence.
I miss the way you always made me laugh.

I remember and regret that I didn’t always want to be around you.
Sometimes you seemed like a lot of work.
Sometimes I struggled to find ways to encourage you.
Sometimes you just overwhelmed me.

But now I wonder, who in our town will visit Goodwill every single day?
Who will buy all the incredibly gaudy jewelry and see the beauty in it?
Your perspective was so different than those around you.
We connected in seeing the beauty in color and and junk and things that others miss.

I will miss your pride when showing me you had a couple square feet of space clean in your home even if the rest was a disaster zone,
though I won’t miss the hours of organizing and scrubbing.
I will miss the voicemails you left me at 3am,
though not the anxiety in your voice when you left them.

I’m glad we went out for lunch last month just as friends with no agenda.
I’m glad you felt safe enough to talk about all your medical issues with me.
I’m glad we got to debrief some of the trauma of your past.
I’m holding onto the memory of that last hug.

I’m sorry I forgot to call you on Christmas.
Time got away from me this year.
I hope you knew that I loved you still even without the phone call.
Because I did. But now you’ve passed away. And I miss you.


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