Sometimes I wonder why I can’t ever seem to find the time to clean my room. Then I take a look at my life and roll my eyes at myself. I have time…I just chose to put it elsewhere. Check out a couple of my projects lately that have brought a ton of joy!

For starters, with the help of some incredible friends who were willing to give up their weekend and stay up way too late, I painted my car…IMG_3164IMG_3166IMG_3156IMG_3189

Then I ran off to Turkey for a week to visit my family. No, they don’t live there…it’s just the ‘middle’ where this three continent family could most easily all be in the same place at the same time. IMG_3867IMG_3945

In the midst of jet lag I don’t always make the best decisions, and so decided that the Little Free Library I was going to build for winning our house ‘pitch dinner’ couldn’t be just like everyone else’s…nope. I decided it would be in a hollowed out tree. Why? I don’t know. But I did…so it is. Well, it’s not done yet, but it will be by Monday! IMG_4071 LFL IMG_4132

So since the library has a time limit to complete you’d think I’d just focus on that, but one of my housemates started a free expression wall in the stairway…so between power tools I picked up my paintbrush and painted the world… IMG_4079  IMG_4114

Most of the is gone this week for Spring Break, but they will be back soon for many more adventures and family dinners which will once again warm my heart!IMG_3052

There is always so much going on in life. There are also all of the work adventures I didn’t even mention, and sometimes even though there is so many good things it can still feel overwhelming. But I was challenged recently and I’m determined to chose joy in it all. This life is too good not to make the most of it, and even in the bad parts, I trust that good will come again. Because God is good, and He is for us.

  1. You never cease to amaze me!

  2. Jerry Houseman says:

    Shelby Caraway, you’re CRAZY and I wouldn’t want you any other way. Blessings

  3. Nancy Rigg says:

    What can I say? You are way cool,. Love you & all you do. Gramma Nancy

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