Last week in the jail I went onto the block for lunch like normal and I sat down at a table with a woman who was 75. When I introduced myself to this tiny but beautiful white haired woman she nodded and responded with her name but quickly added that everyone calls her “granny”. I wanted to cry. I thought about my Grandparents sleeping on the cots in there that are not comfortable. I thought about how although I wouldn’t get to be with my Grandparents over the holidays I was glad it was for different reasons than this woman’s grandkids. I thought about how confusing the system is when you go in and how hard that must be to figure out at that age. I thought about how little respect inmates get, and how after living a full life as an adult being treated more like a child must feel beyond frustrating.  I watched her choose which food she would eat because she knew she couldn’t get through an apple and a sandwich in the allotted time to eat lunch.

I don’t know what she did. I don’t know why she was there. I don’t know when she will be out. But I know that she was sweet. I know that it is hard in jail. And I know that coming out is often like facing culture shock no matter how long you’ve been in. I’m so excited for the mentoring program being launched now so that people like Granny can have someone on their team to call or meet up with when they get out. If you are interested we are looking for more male and female mentors. Check out the website at and follow up with me if you have any questions or just apply today!

  1. Char Boertman says:

    I don’t think our prisoners have that program available to them. Angie’s stepson is getting out this year and I have him connected with the Rescue Mission and they have a fabulous program but many get brought to the bus station and they’re off on their own. Have you heard of Shakesphere Behind Bars. It’s an incredible program. I recently experienced the presentation they have when the prisoners complete the program, it’s incredible! Also, have you heard of Kit Cummings and The Power of Peace Program he began a number of years ago? He’s been here in Muskegon and is returning Jan.19. Check out this organization, and his book Peace behind the Wire. You’ll be encouraged! I’m doing some marketing for him and also trying to get the Chronicle to do an article of his visit. One more thing, my friends son works for Paws with a Cause and they have been going into prisons with dogs for the prisoners to train for their organization. The dogs stay with them 24/7. Pretty cool! Blessings to you for all you do! Char

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