It’s Easier to Blog about Other People’s Grandparents

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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gramps 3 Today my grandpa died.
I face death a lot.
When other people’s grandparent’s die I’ve written blog posts about how it’s sad.
But today it was mine.
It was Gramps.
And the words don’t come as freely.
But it’s not because I didn’t love him.
It’s because it’s too hard to put the love into words.
It’s so hard to narrow down the memories to a page.
It’s hard to express the relationship we shared.

From searching for your cat that hated us as kids,gramps
To even in the end when you didn’t always know my name, but knew I was the one who would share ice-cream with you without fail.
From baking cookies with Grandma in your kitchen and having to burn a batch for you,
To cheering on Michigan State (even though I didn’t really care, because you cared so much).
From monkey bread and mimosas for brunch,
To many mornings spent at Bob Evans.

You were a good man who faced life with a laugh and always bragged about your kids. You’ll be missed Gramps. Today I’m wearing my Michigan State sweatshirt in your honor.

  1. I’m so sorry for the sadness you are feeling. I’m praying for comfort in the days ahead for you all as you celebrate your Gramps

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