Beautiful Joy

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today my car passed inspection. It was a wonderful moment when they called to tell me they would let it slip by! I’m looking forward to another year with “Invincibuddy”. That was one highlight of my day, but then it was also a great day of getting things accomplished at work…I’ve been catching up on “all the rest” now that CityServe is done. It’s great to have moments of relaxation without the panic of thinking we’re forgetting something. The evening ended with “adventure night” with the girls. We picked a massive bouquet of my favorite flowers…dandelions, baked a cake, played Mulan, and took lots of pictures. You can follow our evening through the pictures below.

photo-51  photo 5-11  photo 4-11  photo 2-21  photo 2-22  photo 3-12  photo 2-23  photo 4-12   photo 5-12  photo 1-20  photo 2-24  photo 3-13  photo 5-13  photo 4-13

  1. Sue Shaffner says:

    Some of our favorite people are smiling in these pictures!
    And congrats on the car– we have been there with Gilda.

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