Almost 30 Babies Later

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many of my sweet littles are featured in this blog post my Mom wrote. And some great stories to go with them…check it out!

News of Grace

Several years ago, when both of our daughters were still here on the field with us, my main ministry was helping them to be successful in whatever ministry they wanted to be involved in.  If they wanted to help in the Kindergarten, that’s where I helped.  If they sang in the choir, I would meet them on their way home if it was dark.  If they wanted to do a “band-aid ministry”, I would be there with advice on dressing wounds, if they wanted to bring medicine to a sick baby in the village, I would go with them.  Between running our home, teaching home school and helping them in this way, my day was full.  I always said that once our daughters were gone, then “I would look for another ministry to be involved in.”  In hindsight, I think that brought a smile to the Lord’s face whenever I…

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  1. Oh, how I loved reading of my friend’s big heart and loving care of these precious babies. Especially sweet Lula that God placed in your heart and family. Grace!

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