Friends – Here, There, and Everywhere

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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DSC_8207-2 Calvary is hosting Out of the Cold right now which is a temporary emergency shelter that rotates between 12 local churches during the winter months. It is a wonderful program that we work very hard to find lots of volunteers for. We have cots and blankets for our friends, good conversations, games and a warm meal. It’s not the same as having a house, but for an emergency shelter I’d say it’s pretty great.

photo 5-4

A couple weeks ago my life group had a chance to make the dinner and hang out with the guests for the evening. It was a joy to be together and see my two groups of friends collide. Sometimes it catches me by surprise that people I can feel so close to and such good friends with are only involved in one section of my life. I love when there is overlap. I think the reality is there is so much more that is the same between us than what is different. A lot of times we notice what is different. Like “I have a house and you don’t”. Or “I’m not in school and you are”.

photo 2-9But what I saw happening this night was not two separate groups focusing on their differences. But one group of people sharing a dinner together and just enjoying warm food and cheerful company. It brought joy to my heart to listen to my Life Group friends ask my Out of the Cold friends where they were from, what things they had studied in school, and why they had certain opinions. I also loved hearing my Out of the Cold friends asking similar questions of my Life Group friends. I think friends are fabulous and I have wonderful people from all the many sections of my life.

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Please keep Out of the Cold in your prayers. It’s tricky living together with a big group of people all winter long. It’s hard to sleep on cots. Even a warm meal every night is less appealing when you don’t get to chose what it is. No matter what kind of games we play it is not fun to be homeless. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. It’s challenging. But we have lots of friends who face it bravely. Many of fought their way out of it. And I believe many more will overcome. In the mean time pray. Pray for love. For joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Gentleness. Faithfulness. Self Control. Pray that my friends would know Jesus. Not just His name, but how He loves them.

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