This past weekend I had a little down time. Now, if you know me, you know that’s not too common. Partially, because I don’t love having too much down time, and partially because it’s hard to come by when you are an over committer. But this past weekend I had nothing planned between a Saturday morning meeting that e10432488_781637226574_7217446674140330653_nnded at 10am and dinner before church that started at 5pm. Nothing planned at all. Mind you, I had plans for that time, but I could be flexible, because there was nothing written in the planner. I hadn’t committed to meeting anyone. Or being anywhere. It felt so free. So I did what had to be done…organized a bit in my room and started on the homework. I even went to the library to focus on it for a while. I stayed mostly focused, though stopped to chat with my homeless friends when they walked by to use the computers a few times. I was ready to spend the afternoon there focusing, but I knew the family was at home, and I hadn’t been around much this week, so I decided that while homework needed to be done, reading it right then didn’t have the lasting value that I might be able to have on an adventure with the girls, or even just spending time with the fam. So I went home. The thought process was, I’ll just work on homework from home and at least be around and chat while I do it. And if an adventure comes up I’ll put the books away…(it was cold and rainy, so I was pretty doubtful anything too adventurous would happen). But no sooner did I open those books at home then Lucy came waltzing over to see if we could make cupcakes. Let me tell you, homework was over for the day! Anna helped us decide on vanilla with raspberry frosting and we all measured and mixed, poured and licked and then waited for them to bake so we could end the adventure with a family tea party. I love my family. And I’m so thankful for the joyful reminder that sometimes even good things need to be put on the back burner for a while so that we can focus on other important and valuable things in the moment!

  1. shoy03 says:

    This. This is one of the many reasons that I appreciate you and your friendship. You are such a joy to so many. Love you, miss you!

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