1 car // 4 accidents // 1 year

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It’s funny how much we take for granted. Like I always expect to make it to my destination alive when I get into my car, but that’s not a reality for everyone all the time. Trust me, I know that accidents happen. This year I think God’s angels have been bumped and bruised lots trying to keep me safe and out of harm. And I’m not going to take that for granted anymore.


I thank God that this week when my car was rear ended it didn’t seem to have anything wrong with it. The driver 2 cars behind me didn’t stop in time and pushed the car behind me into me. Thankfully Anna and I were just jolted forward a little bit, and no real damage was done!

I thank God that last time I was rear ended I only had to replace the windshield.

I thank God that when my car did the rear ending (I wasn’t driving, hence my car, and not me) no one was hurt and nothing had to be replaced.

I thank God that when the semi bumped against the drivers side of my car getting off the highway it only left a tiny dent and didn’t smash me the way it easily could have. That story is here.


I’ve recently renamed my car “Invinci-buddy” because it’s such a tank! But I tell you what, we should live ready for anything to happen. Because things do happen. And praise God for the work He does to keep you alive every day that you don’t even notice!


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