Robin Williams – Because Everyone Else Is Doing It.

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I know Robin Williams is ‘trending’ right now, and it makes me sad. I’m not going to address the suicide issue that many other bloggers expressed their opinions on. There are lots of thoughts bouncing around the web right now that I am not going to add to. I simply think it is sad. And I pray for Robin’s family and friends as they now struggle through the depression Robin was trying to escape.

But something I have noticed is an incredible amount of people saying that they are going to miss Robin Williams. Because this claim was so widespread I began to ponder it. Why? I think it’s sad, but I didn’t actually know him. What will they miss? Did they know him? Do they know him as Robin or as Genie? Do they just want to hear him say “Good Morning Vietnam” or have they heard him say “good morning” to them? It might not be as happy to watch Mrs. Doubtfire knowing that Robin Williams isn’t still alive, but I think a lot of the people who will miss him, will have no less of a connection to him now, than they did before he died.

Into this thought I kept pushing. Who in my life would I miss if they died that may not even know I exist? Who in my life could use a note of encouragement? A hug? A smile? Who feels confused and misunderstood even while they have their whole community (or the world) hanging on the words they say? I can’t go back and reach out to Robin, but there are a whole lot of people all around us who are struggling desperately with depression. While it will always be their choice to fight it or to give up, the people along side them can make an incredible difference in their decision making.

Don’t think you aren’t connected. Reach out to those around you. Share Jesus with them. Pray for them and with them. Offer a hug. They may not accept your love and help, but they may be waiting for you to offer. You don’t know until you try. And if you don’t, you’ll probably wish you would’ve.

  1. stejospot says:

    Great thoughts, Shelby

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