I’ve been reading the book When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert. One quote I stumbled across recently was, “It is easier to get donor money for relief than for development. ‘We fed a thousand people today’ sounds better to donors than ‘We hung out and developed relationships with a dozen people today.'” I think that’s true. It’s easy to get gifts when something big is happening. It’s easy to write blog posts and updates when there’s a good story to tell. Those times are like piles of flowers…you just want to see them and be amazed by them (maybe that’s a girly analogy)


But what about times like this week? Do we see that there is value in the day to day? Sometimes (like today) it’s hard to remember that Bible study is valuable when there are 4 volunteers and only 3 people coming. But then, as we discuss the question of ‘who is God’ or ‘if we believe God is involved in our lives’ one of our members is suddenly moved to tears. As I hug these sweet friends goodbye, I know that it doesn’t matter if there’s 1, 10, or 100, there is value here.

Or when I have meeting after meeting to plan, prepare and pray for ministry, but it isn’t going yet. I’m a ‘fix it – do it’ kind of a person, and while I have patience in some things other areas I just want to storm the gates. But taking time to plan, prepare and pray is so valuable.

And taking the time out of my day to work on raising support. It’s something I would rather avoid. It’s scary. It’s complicated. It’s awkward. BUT it is necessary. AND it is happening. Just this week I have gotten commitments for $75 a month! Praise the Lord. There is value in taking the time to do that now, so that I can invest more into the ministry in the future.


Sometimes we don’t have a bouquet. Sometimes we don’t have a field of flowers to frolic in. Sometimes there isn’t a pile of beauty, but there is beauty still. Look for the dandelions in your life. Don’t take them for granted. They are beautiful. They get called a weed by most, get picked often, are unprotected by picket fences. But they stand up tall, shine brightly, and bring a little joy to some people. There is value there. It’s worth it. What are the dandelions in your life?


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