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Sunday morning we sang I Will Lift My Eyes in church. As I sang these words, “I will lift my eyes to the healer, of the hurt I hold inside” I was reminded of times in my past that I didn’t fully trust God. Times I held things against Him. Times I was wrong. Singing those simple words I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for His gentle leading and bringing me to an understanding that His grace is enough.

In the sermon Pastor Dan talked about having big hopes and dreams for our church and our city, but that he kept coming back to this question from God saying, “Am I enough? If nothing else goes to plan, if things seem broken, if at the end all you get is God, is that enough for you?” …good reminder. God is enough. God is all I need. I have learned that many, many times in many, many ways. Not always fun, but the message gets through my thick skull eventually.

I guess it was time for a little reminder. Because after church when I was feeling assured that I consider God enough for me I got an email from my mom saying my little brother was really sick. “Hmm…” I remember, “life is fragile”. If something happened to him would God still be enough for me? Yes.

Then I got another email. This one said, Luka’s fever got worse AND one of my childhood friends was in a car accident and rolled the car. This was in Tanzania. We don’t usually wear seat belts in Tanzania, but both people in the car had them on. The car was pretty crunched. But both of them were able to walk away from the accident with only scrapes and bruises (And Luka’s fever is back down today). “Hmm…” I remember, “life is very fragile”. If something happened to them would God still be enough for me? Yes.

See, God will always be enough, and my brain knows that, but sometimes my heart still wants to fight it. Sunday night after all of this we had a service called Flood. It’s a time when we just come together to pray and worship God. It was fabulous as usual, and while I was praying on my own I read a paper laid out talking about what we mourn for and how maybe we cry too much over the little things and not enough over the big things. And that’s when it hit me. I cried because my brother was sick, and my friend was in a scary situation where he could’ve been killed. But they are both ok. That same day, other people (I don’t know who they are) weren’t ok. People die every day. And many of them do not know God. So who should we be weeping for? We should be praying, reaching out, and sharing Jesus with the lost right around us. That’s what is important. Because ultimately, God is enough, but many all around us cannot say the same, because they do not know God.

  1. Kim says:

    Shelby, this is such a great reminder of what is truly important. . .God and His people. Especially the people who He created, but who don’t know of His love and saving grace yet. You are His hands and feet as an American missionary. We all need to make our responsibility of sharing the Gospel a priority. We love you and pray for you!!

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