Ordinary, Everyday, Little Things

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It’s time for an update, but what should I say? Should I tell you about my day? There was nothing spectacular, but sometimes that’s where we see God do His thing. In the ordinary. The everyday. The little things. So let me look back with fresh eyes.

I started my day memorizing James 1:2. It says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,” That word many gets me. I want to say ‘any kind’, I think just any trial should be enough to prove the authors point, but he chose the word ‘many’. I find that slightly intimidating. But the rest of the chapter brings it into perspective…I’ll get to memorizing that soon.

I mailed a letter to one of my ‘friends’ in jail. To be honest we’re not really friends. I’ve never written him a letter outside of jail. We don’t talk that often. It was a litter hard to come up with something to write about. But eventually I did. I just told him the facts about recently having a conversation about heaven with someone and then asked what he thought about it all. I asked if he believed in God. I told him I’m praying for him and talked about the World Cup too.

I wrote some emails. I reminded people who are preparing food for an event that it’s coming up soon. I wrote to some supporters and some (hopefully) future supporters.

I was available to answer my phone and talk to a friend through a decision making process. I don’t really have great advice, but I can listen. And then we got to catch up on life a little bit. There I saw God working through the little things to encourage me!

I followed up with some people that I had invited to a dinner this week. One woman told me that she was so thankful for the timing of my call. That this dinner I was inviting her to gave her a reason to keep going. That right now was a really hard time for her. I asked if I could pray for anything specifically, and she told me about losing her daughter. I wanted to weep with her, but tried to be encouraging. I look forward to a chance to give her a hug at the event.

I held a precious little and rubbed her back when she woke up from a bad dream and prayed over her.

I had a ‘tea party’ with the girls, made dinner, and cleaned up the house.

I went to foster parent training class.

Today wasn’t a day where I could check much off my ‘to-do list’ and say it was fully accomplished, but looking back I think the ordinary, everyday, little things really do add up. God is always present and He doesn’t change. So whether it’s big things or little things do them all to bring Him glory! 


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