So I think everyone has “that moment” that comes to mind when people talk about what famous people they’ve met or what crazy things they’ve done, or if they’ve been on TV, etc. Well, I was reminded of mine recently, because I went to Penn State’s giant annual used book sale this past weekend and I came across a book that I’m in. The book is not about me, and my picture isn’t in it, but my name is, my family’s names, and even my dog! It’s called The Long Way Down and is a documentary done by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman who road motorcycles all the way from Scotland to South Africa!


When you find a book you’re in on 1/2 price day at a giant book sale you just have to buy it!


You never know who might show up for bagels and lemonade!


The Netfix version of us.


Standing in our front yard.

Thinking about movie stars today got me thinking about what it means to be famous. I think our culture tends to idolize movie stars, which is sad. While I like having my own ’15 minutes of fame’ to share when it’s story time, I always start to think, what if we would be as excited about people who were transparent and honest with their lives as we are about people who are really good at playing a role of someone who isn’t even real.

I think one of my life goals is for people to be able to know who I am and what I’m about right from the start. I want Christ’s love to be evident in my life and though I don’t want to be famous and known to random people around the world, I do want to be remembered by the people I make contact with as someone who loved them. They don’t need to know my name or even recognize face, but I hope they come to know Jesus, my Savior.


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