How to get in Trouble …without doing anything wrong

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So this past weekend I went on an adventure. I drove to Michigan and back. That was about 18 hours in the car. By myself. It gets a little lonely after a while (I’m driving to MI again in June – if anyone wants to be a road trip buddy let me know!). 

But anyway, I was trying to think of things to entertain me as I went. I played a road kill game with myself. The deer won in Michigan, but the raccoons won in Ohio and I didn’t play in PA so I guess it was not that exciting. I listened to part of a book on tape, but partway through realized somehow I didn’t have the whole thing because it wasn’t making any sense, was super short, and then ended. I listened to lots of music and 1st and 2nd Chronicles on tape. I looked at the other drivers on the road and the stats showed that there were more men traveling than women. I took note of the license plates from other states. I called a bunch of people. I prayed a lot. I thought about how to keep doing fund raising and if it would indeed be possible to find 25 people to support me $25 a month this month. But eventually I was just bored. 

I decided that what I really wanted to do in that moment was read my novel. I thought about how simple it could be. The road was mostly straight. My car has cruise control. I could just hold my book on the steering wheel. BUT I DIDN’T! Don’t even start to stress. Instead I called my sister and told her I was so bored I wanted to read my book and she told me, “Don’t you dare!” 

So if you are ever contemplating reading while driving my advice to you is this: don’t tell your sister. But better yet…just find a road trip buddy instead. 

  1. Jeremie says:

    I remember riding into Pittsburgh one day and this guy we past was clearly reading a book as we were driving along. I guess you see all kinds while out on the road. Anyways, great job avoiding acting out that novel idea you had of reading your book. I like roadtrips, they’re always fun. I know what you mean about getting bored at times…it’s not exciting especially when you’re driving alone and you’re kinda like, I’m a little sleepy. =\

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