What’s God Thinking?

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes people say mean things. 
Sometimes people make bad choices.
Sometimes people lie.
Sometimes people mean to do good things but still do bad things.
Sometimes people try to be nice, sometimes they don’t care.
Sometimes it’s easy to try to avoid people who are like that.
It’s easy to want to stay away from the troubling ones. 
It’s easy to be nice the first time and then say their chances are used up.
It’s easy to be a friend to the people who are friendly.
But that’s not what God asked me to do. 
See God put me into a roll to work with people in need. He didn’t just say that I should work with people who are trying to get out of need, but to help the hurting. All of them. Any He puts into my life. I don’t get to pick which ones. It doesn’t matter if they are nice to me or not.

This past Sunday Pastor Dan preached on Acts 6-8. The stoning of Stephen. 
He challenged us to be Stephens.
See in this story Stephen is killed because he is all in for Christ.
I bet some of his friends or relatives wished he would’ve made the ‘smart choice’ and just stopped talking about Jesus so that he could have lived. But Stephen knew that being all in for Christ and following no matter what the cost was of way more value than living to see the next day. It isn’t that Stephen went out looking for trouble, but that he held fast to what he believed even if it meant people were throwing rocks at him. I believe that God has called me to love. 
And so I press on. 
Not because it’s easy or everyone I know thinks it’s the right thing, but because I want to be all in for Christ.
Pastor Dan also challenged us to be Pauls.
In this part of the story Paul is still called Saul and he’s there with the people who are throwing the stones.
He’s happy to see Stephen being taken down, but he doesn’t stay that way.
He later comes to know Jesus as his Savior.
And he becomes one of the most influential people christianity has ever known. 
I bet a lot of people had given up on him.
I bet some people didn’t want to share life with him anymore.
But he saw past his circumstances and his past and he chose to be all in for Christ. 
No matter what place in life you are in you can chose to start being all in for Christ. 
After church I had a great afternoon and then we had an evening prayer service where there was a bowl with a bunch of verses written out on papers and we could just take one. I didn’t really want one, but I took one anyway and guess what, God just used it to prove His point. He doesn’t want part of my heart, He wants me to be all in. It said…

I’m choosing to listen. I will love, do good, bless and pray even when I don’t feel like it. I know I’ll mess up, but I will keep coming back to Christ because I want to be all in for Him. A verse that has been going through my head lately is Colossians 1:29 “To this end I labor, struggling with all His energy, which so powerfully works in me.” – I’m so thankful to be on God’s team and to know that He’s the one doing all the work, I just have to let him. So when things are smooth sailing or when they get tough He’s still in control. And that is wonderful. 

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