When there are no Words

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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When there are no Words

This post is really hard to write. I’ve started 4 times and then erased it all. I want to write so much, but there are just not the right words to express it all. My brain is going in circles. There’s so much good. There’s so much bad. There’s so much confusion. There’s so much hurt. But Jesus is so much more than we could even think to hope for. He is enough. So I’ll try to write something.

I want to tell you about CityServe and how amazing it was! How we were able to reach out to over 100 people and help them with a project around their house and share God’s love with them. But those stories are for later.

I want to tell you about one of my newer friends who was using the Out of the Cold program that 10 local churches host all winter. She was blessed by that program, but sadly it only runs through the winter. Now it is over. I wish I could tell you that she stayed in another shelter last night, but I can’t. The other shelters in our town are full. If it hadn’t been for someone’s generous gift of money for a hotel stay she would have been sleeping on the street. She and the baby growing in her belly. We are working hard to find a better solution.

I want to tell you about other friends from the Out of the Cold program who after searching all winter finally got an apartment of their own just 2 days before the program ended! How exciting is that!?!

I want to tell you about my church and how they are focusing on generosity and how it is visible in peoples lives throughout the town. From big acts of kindness and gifts to little things like giving someone change for a parking meter.

I want to tell you about getting my PA drivers license and license plate and what a process that was.

I want to tell you about my sister’s visit and how wonderful it was.

I want to tell you about support raising and how I can see God providing even as I struggle with doubts that I will find enough supporters.

I want to tell you about other areas of ministry that I am involved in and looking to get involved in.

But there’s no way to fit it all, so instead I will tell you this: God is so good. He always loves, always provides, always has a plan. When things around us are scary, He is here with us. I am trusting Him. I hope you are too. Please keep my ministry in your prayers and pray specifically for my friends without houses. I believe one day soon they will just be my friends, and will each have a pillow of their own.

  1. shoy03 says:

    Your heart is beautiful, my friend. I appreciate you and the bits you’ve been sharing along the way as you point to God and give Him glory through it all. Looking forward to catching up soon.

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