The True Meaning of Easter

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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New life.


Sometimes I think it gets confusing.

Sometimes I think the meaning gets lost.

I mean, there’s the eggs.

The bunny.

Dressing up for church.

Switching from dark clothes to light and bright ones.

But what is the true meaning of Easter?

On Easter we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

But that’s not all we celebrate.

It is not ONLY that Jesus lives forever.

But that because He died and rose again for us WE have a chance to live forever too.

We’ve been given more than we would have even known to ask for.

We’ve been given NEW LIFE.

We’ve been redeemed.

We can’t earn it.

We can’t buy it.

But He doesn’t force it on us either.

We have to accept it. 

Let me tell you a quick story of New Life this Easter. My sister is visiting and we walked to church and were just a little late when we got there. Easter is kind of a big deal at church so by the time we were looking for seats most of them were taken. I didn’t see two open ones left by my friends so instead we went to sit by strangers. The sermon was great and at the end of it they played a little clip of someone sharing her story. It was a story that brought me and many others to tears, but also a story of joy. Man did I cry though. Then after that we were encouraged to get into groups and pray together. As my group prayed to be “Agents of the Resurrection” the boy in front of me was an “Agent of the Resurrection”. As we prayed behind them, this boy prayed with his Mom and brother as they accepted Christ to be their Savior! I was in tears all over again as I rejoiced with them. And for the rest of the service the boy in front of me could not hold still. He was dancing as we sang and continuously looking over at his Mom and brother and smiling. We believe that Jesus came to save. He didn’t save just one. He offers salvation to all of us. Don’t give up on those around you who haven’t accepted the gift of salvation yet. Christ died for them, you can give your time and energy to share that truth with them. Easter Sunday was a win. I celebrated Jesus, got time with family, and witnessed people making the best decision of their lives. Now that Easter is over I thank God that He doesn’t just offer salvation once a year on Easter, but every single day!


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