Cram Time!

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Cram Time!

It’s that time of year again…school is almost out (at least for college kids) but I’m not in college anymore, so why do I feel like exams are just around the corner?

That’s right. We have CityServe just around the corner! And that is basically equivalent to exams in my job. =) I wrote an update recently about how I have called people again and again to offer to help them. Well, those phone calls worked! We now have 145 requested projects! (I did not find them all…That awesome team pictured above [Kendra, John, me and Curt] were recruiting like crazy and many others were involved too!) But just like finding the projects took a team, completing them usually does too. In fact some of our projects take up to 30 people to accomplish, so we now need to find 960 volunteers! That is a lot! (Yay for more phone calls!) But there is hope…CityServe is still 10 days away AND we have almost half of the volunteers we need. So we just have to find the other half!

Finding the other half also relates to my support raising. I am just over half way of this months goal to find people willing to commit to monthly support totaling $300 more than was already committed. So far a few people have stood up to the challenge and I have $170 committed starting this month. So exciting! I’m believing the rest will come in in the next 2 weeks so that I won’t be starting May’s new goal in the negatives!

Pray with me that everything comes together for CityServe. That we are able to find volunteers who are able to complete these projects. That we are able to find all the tools needed to complete these projects. That great conversations would happen. That people would come to know Christ. And that we would be a blessing to our community! Thanks!


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