When Worlds Collide

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

When Worlds Collide

Have you ever had a really hard day and then got to hold a little tiny baby and he was just so relaxed that it seemed to push all your stress and tension away?

Today was that day for one of my “friends without houses”. And for baby Everett. I watch Everett twice a week and he’s just a little sweetie, but today I brought him with me to the homeless shelter for Bible study. He slept his way through part of it, then drank his bottle, and ended up in the arms of one of my friends. This friend was struggling because today marked the anniversary of her Mom’s death. I can only imagine the emotions. Her tears dried as she cuddled him and you could see her relax with his relaxed little body lying in her arms. And her tension seemed to fade as he looked into her eyes and cooed.

Such sweet love. It is so easy to let your walls down when the person looking into your eyes is too little to judge you. To little to even begin to fathom the things you’ve been through! Little enough to remind you of the kids you no longer get to hold and see. This little boy was just what my friend needed. Him and Jesus. And that’s what she got while holding little Everett during Bible Study. God is so cool.


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