Happy Adoption Day Luka!

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
Today is Luka’s adoption day. Today we celebrate that a judge signed a paper 2 years ago and changed his name from Luka Kitindi Mgawe to Lucas Michael Caraway. 

But we celebrate much more than that. We celebrate Luka’s survival. We celebrate God’s grace. We celebrate a chance to be a family. 
I started praying for Luka when I was a little girl. I tried the whole begging for a baby thing, but it wasn’t working. I’d show my parents pictures of precious little orphans around the world and that didn’t seem to work either. Eventually I stopped asking and just prayed instead. I prayed for the “child we didn’t adopt”. I prayed that this little one would not grow up angry and feeling abandoned. I prayed that he or she would somehow hear about Jesus and accept His love and grace. I prayed for this child all the time.
Years later when I was 18 years old I met Luka. This was the day I met him. 
He was living in an orphanage and fighting for survival. He was so malnourished that he didn’t even want to eat anymore. They had to force feed him at the orphanage. He was so weak that even holding him caused pain and he would whimper when you picked him up. The day I met Luka my heart broke. I took the picture above and decided it was time to start begging again. I showed the picture to my parents when I got home.
Later that week we took Luka home. NOT TO ADOPT HIM. But just to try and help him survive.
People thought we were crazy. He wasn’t supposed to live. Pastors and their wives came and prayed over him. Most of them prayed that God would bless us for what we did. One woman thanked God for the blessing that He’d given us in allowing us to care for Luka. I liked her perspective. 
The rest is history. 5 years later we made it official when the judged signed the papers and he is now legally and forever more will be my brother. God works in ways we cannot see. Don’t stop asking Him for your hearts desires. He hears our prayers. He seems to have a different timeline than we would sometimes like, but He always had a plan. I pray that no matter what you are going through or waiting for you will keep trusting God! Enjoy some (okay, lots!) of my favorite pictures of Luka…Image 
 First Smile


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