Why Wild Fish Make Better Pets

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I have 3 pet fish. My sister, brother, and I caught these fish with our bare hands from a pond that was being drained in the fall. We couldn’t catch them all, but we decided we would save a few. Mine have survived a lot of trials. The lived through the 8 hour drive to Pennsylvania. They lived when the heat was broken in my room and it took us several days to fix it. (They’ve since been relocated upstairs) They’ve lived through our short vacations when we just give them some extra fish flakes before we leave. And most recently, let me tell you about yesterday. I went to check on the fish and noticed one of them laying on his side at the top of the water with his little gills gasping for breath. Their water was very dirty as the girls had been helping feed them recently and giving them plenty of excess food. I think the little guy was suffocating in the toxic water. So I grabbed the fish bowl and got the 3 fish out and put them in a smaller container. I washed out their bowl and filled it again then dumped them back in. Two of the three fish just laid at the top of the water. I put a little bit of food back in the bowl. They didn’t move. When I poked the orange one it tried to swim a little. When I poked the gray one it just laid there. I debated flushing it, but decided that since I could still see it gasping for breath I would give it a little time. I went an hour later to check on them and there were three happy fish swimming around in their fish bowl! They are tough little guys! 

Those helpless fish sometimes remind me of myself. I feel like I can do lots of things on my own, but really have to ultimately trust that God will provide for me. I’m grateful I get more room than a fishbowl to move around in and that God is a better provider than I am. He has given me His Spirit and allowed His Spirit to work through me. As I am beginning work with the outreach team I get so excited. There are several things I will be immediately involved in, while others have to wait until I receive more support to be able to work more hours. Please pray with me that support would continue to come in. I currently need about $400 more per month to make it up to 50% of my support goal. Praise God with me that someone offered to send in that amount as a one time gift to cover this months support, and also praise God for the people who will decide to bridge that gap in the future and join my team! God is in control, so I continue to trust Him. 


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