Nice People Inspire me to be Nice

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized




Well, everyday has it’s own adventure and wonder. Today I met a nice guy. Well, here’s what happened. We went to Spoonlickers downtown. It is our favorite frozen yogurt shop. As we were about to walk in we noticed a sign on the door that said they were closed because of the horrible weather. BUT the door was not locked. When we leaned into it, it just opened right up. We couldn’t see anyone inside. This made us a little nervous, because normally when people close up shop and go home they lock the door behind them. So the three of us stood at the entrance to the door and called out to see if someone was in the back. As this was going down two other people came in. These were big guys. They were there to meet with the owner who, when one of them went to search for him, was found in the back. We told him we just wanted to make sure someone was here before we peaced out and he said, thank you, and told us he was sorry there were no toppings out, but we were welcome to grab some yogurt on our way out. So we did. And I thoroughly enjoyed my free frozen yogurt!

But the adventure doesn’t end there. You see, nice people make me want to be nice too. And tonight as I drove by someone who appeared to be stuck in a snowbank but was sticking out on a pretty fast street my first thought was, “that’s a bummer”. My next thought was, “glad that isn’t me”. Followed by, “if I could stop here, I would offer to help him”. Then, “I could turn around and go back, but I’m not that much help, what could I really do?” It is just so easy to talk yourself out of being nice when there is a wind chill warning out! But then I remembered the man who did not have to offer me free frozen yogurt, but did. I remembered how that small gesture made my day, even though it wasn’t that valuable. I decided that if I were stuck I would really love someone to help me. Or even just try to help me. And so I turned around to go help. When I got back I realized this was a very large man who was standing next to the car and part of me wanted to keep driving, but I also thought that one day when my brother is a big man I hope people still stop to help him when he needs it. So I put my flashers on, and got out. I called over to see if he wanted help pushing, but found out that he had some issue with his breaks and help was on the way. I said ok, and got back into my car…that wasn’t so hard now was it? And even though I didn’t have to push his car out, I hope he was encouraged by my offer. 

Lets all try to be extra nice. To take the extra few minutes it might take, or energy, or whatever it is to make someone’s day. Every day is special and full of adventures. We just have to notice them!




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