Ready or Not, Here I Go…

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

My name is Shelby, and I am just starting out as an American Missionary.  I have done the African Missionary thing in the past with my family as I grew up in Tanzania, East Africa, where my parents still serve with my little brother.  But that is no longer what God is calling me to.  I moved to the USA for college and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Special Education.  I decided I did not want to teach in a school, and instead I went to a Capernwary Bible School, where I studied for a year.  I am now starting a job with Calvary Baptist Church in State College, Pennsylvania! Read some more details about my work here:

Calvary Support LetterPDF

I start next week and am excited, nervous, joyful, confused, motivated, determined, and as ready as I’ll ever be!  I am so thankful to be joining a wonderful team of people who are already working to bring Jesus to the world.  I am honored to be joining this team!

Currently I am at about 25% of my monthly support goal.  I would LOVE to be at full support, but that takes time, and I will be patient.  BUT I do hope to reach 50% of my monthly support goal in the next week or so!  Please consider if you would be able to join my team in this way.  Pray about what God would have you give.  Could you part with one dollar a day and support me $30 a month?  Could you skip eating out a couple times and support me $50 a month?  Could you part with just one latte a week and support me $5 a month?  Every bit helps!  If you are interested just print out the last page of my support letter, fill out the information, and mail it in!  Or contact me and I will walk you through the steps!  Thanks for being a part of my team in any way that you are! I couldn’t do this alone!

God bless, Shelby

  1. Judy Pacheco says:

    Shelby, I love you, and believe in you. I’d like to support you, but I’m already committed to quite a few other missionaries. If it would be helpful, I could help with $5 a month, and that could be sent as a $20 check three times a year, or however. Wish I could do more.

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